Monday, September 3, 2012

Dating in the 80's and The Dispute That Lasted 25 Years.

So, last Friday was Hubby and my 25th First Date Anniversary.

Does it seem odd that we'd celebrate that? Oh sure, back in high school when each week with your beau deserved notice, but now?  I've gotten mixed responses; weird looks from some as if to say "what a sap!" and giddy exclamations of how "wonderful" it is. Either way, we don't care. We're crazy for each other and that hot August night is what started it all.

Read on for sappy details...

I was 19, just graduated from high school and working most evenings at a little independent video store. It was a Monday night which of course is usually not that busy but that night the place was bustling. I don't know why but at one point when the door opened and the bell on it rang, it caught my attention. I looked up and BAM looked into the bluest eyes on the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen. Tall, tan, muscular and oh-that-saucy-grin. *sigh* No exaggeration when I say he took my breath away for a second. He says pretty much the same about seeing me (you know I mean the shortness of breath part, right?). He came right up to my register, leaned on the counter and said, "You're new here aren't you?" (cross my heart that's EXACTLY what he said).

My answer was not nearly as smooth, "Well, I've been here for two weeks."

He gave me a flirty smile and replied, "Well, that's new isn't it?"

We chatted a bit in between me helping other customers and he left, but a half hour later, in he walks again (be still my heart), comes back to my register and says something about he and I going to a movie. Yippee! Oooooh, I wanted to say "yes" so badly, but I had to say "no". I KNOW, right? I explained I was seeing someone, but thank you for asking. After he grilled me on that relationship he says something about not giving up, grinned rather rakishly, and out the door he went. I figured that would be the last time I saw of him. Pity. *sigh*

Controversy alert.

Over the next couple of weeks this hunky fella continued to come in now and then lookin' oh so appealing in his Levi button flies and tank tops (Hey! It was the 80's!) and each time he would ask me out and I would turn him down (after flirting shamelessly, of course). Fast forward. At some point in there, I stopped seeing the "other guy". And finally on August 31st, the 4th time if you believe HIM or the 5th time if you believe ME, that then-cute-guy-now-Hubby asked "one last time", and I gave in.

Now, I know for certain that it was 5 times as I remember specifically the other girls in the store teasing about his relentless pursuit and they counted 5 as well. He disagrees and says that even though he was acting desperate for my company that he had his limits and he's sure 4 was it. Now, we've told that story more times than I can count and still he refuses to concede. And each time we start a gender war. In the end the hearer has to make their own call about who to believe.

The rest is a quarter of a century of life together and thousands of more stories and memories to be made.


  1. Love your writing style! Found your blog on Bloggeries and so glad I did. Keep on writing!

    1. My first ever comment! How exciting to think I'm not talking to myself. Thank you very much!

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